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Focus on Planning: Accessibility (2023-004) is a Course

Focus on Planning: Accessibility (2023-004)

Time limit: 60 days


Full course description

This course will take you through an accessibility journey.

  • First, you’ll learn what accessibility is, why it’s important, and who is responsible for it.
  • Then, you’ll learn about accessibility key terms, like captions, headings, and alternate text.
  • Once you know the key terms, you’ll be ready to learn how to make your own content accessible and to check if external materials are accessible.
    • First, you'll learn about accessibility for media (audio and videos).
    • Then, you'll move on to accessibility for Microsoft & Canvas content.
    • And, you'll wrap up with accessibility for PDFs.
  • You will then have all the knowledge about how to make your content accessible, but it's always handy to check your work with an accessibility checker. So, we'll close the course reviewing tools that will help you verify accessibility.

This course doubles as a tutorial site to keep referencing again and again.

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