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Getting Started | Building Your Canvas Course is a Course

Getting Started | Building Your Canvas Course

Time limit: 30 days

Full course description

This course has been designed to help you get started quickly with your transition from Blackboard to Canvas. The course covers each of the 5 steps in the Quick Build List below.

.Quick Build List:

  1. Build Your Outline
    Build an outline of your course that includes objectives, modules, and pages.
  2. Gather & Create Your Content  
    Gather all of you text, document, images, and videos that will go in your course.
  3. Upload Your Content 
    Bulk upload your content. If needed also create your Blackboard export zip file.  
  4. Edit and Build Your Course  
    Use your outline and content files to build your course in Canvas. 
  5. Publish Your Course
    Use the student view and pre-publish checklist to review your course prior to publishing.